These are unprecedented times, not only for life in general but for the economy. The entertainment industry crumbled overnight with the government's announcements to work from home wherever possible. Given that a large proportion of our work is covering events with large audiences, we were always going to be one of the first areas to feel the pinch.

However, with increased knowledge and time to think of solutions, we feel we're really getting somewhere now.

We have now successfully carried out a couple of shoots at Buckingham Palace and Parliament Square, which formed parts of the BBC's coverage of the 75th VE Day celebrations, and have been taking bookings for a number of future series. The same questions are asked regarding safe practice whilst working within the social distancing guidelines, and as a result we have prepared a document clearly setting out a protocol for our revised Working Practices within these strange and restricted times.

These are downloadable in full from the Health & Safety part of the website, but in summary lay out safe working procedures relating to the topics of crew, transportation, equipment handling, rigging methods, safe operation, and health declarations for crew members engaged.

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